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Nursing Reference Card Bundle

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A bundle of 15 NurseIQ badge cards. This ultimate bundle is going to help you throughout nursing school and will make your transition into the world of nursing a breeze. Choose from horizontal or vertical orientation!

Includes: Medical Abbreviations, Cardiac Arrhythmias, Cardiology, Code Blue, Head to Toe Assessment, Hypo- & Hyper- Lab Analysis, Isolation Precautions, IV Fluids & Antidotes, Maternity, Medication Calculation, Neurology, New Grad, Nursing Basics, Pediatrics, and Trauma

Does not include: Blood Transfusion, Blood Work, Capillary Blood Glucose, Mental Status Exam, Psychiatry, or Wound Care

Key Features:

  • Includes information you actually need to know
  • Sturdy, high-quality badge card
  • Small badge size filled with ample amount of information
  • Completely wipeable surface
  • Beneficial for nursing students and nurses 
  • Aesthetic design making the information easy and enjoyable to read

    Customer Reviews

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    Cards look to be of good quality however just got them so will see how they fair as time goes on. I do find the print small to read, would prefer if things were typed a bit bigger and would not complain if some info had to be put on more than one card.


    Nursing Reference Card Bundle

    Cecillia Bollinger
    Perfect if you’re a nursing student!

    Bought these to help with clinicals and it definitely does help.

    Alexis Bieser
    Very basic

    I was hoping the reference cards would be of more use but unfortunately this is very basic information and not what I was looking for.

    Garrett Brett
    Amazing quick reference cards!

    The reference cards are amazing! Bright, concise, and full of useful information to queue a nursing student or practicing nurse to prepare for most eventualities. Thank you!