About Us

The goal of NurseIQ is to create relevant, concise, and aesthetic products that will help you succeed as a nursing student & nurse!

Hi there! NurseIQ is a small company founded in 2020 by Barbara, a Registered Nurse. Barbara works on a cardiology/telemetry floor and also runs an educational nursing account, @yournursingeducator, on Instagram.


During clinical placements, Barbara always spent extra time referring to books and online resources when looking up 'need-to-know' information, such as interventions for low potassium or steps to doff PPE. As a new grad nurse she wrote out key information, such as admission checklists and code blue drugs, in a small notebook and carried it around with her every shift. Two things sparked the idea of starting a company that was geared towards creating useful nursing tools:

1. As she was doing research on buying her own reference cards, she quickly realized that the majority of reference cards sold online covered information that really wasn't too relevant for nurses (e.g. analyzing 12 lead ECGs, dermatome diagrams, etc.). There weren't any resources that covered topics she actually needed to know about - code blue algorithm, nursing interventions for a myocardial infarction, treatment of critical lab values, etc.

2. A growing amount of individuals on her educational Instagram page requested for physical printouts of the concise, but highly relevant, content she was creating