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Blood Work

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There are a million and one things we have to know as healthcare workers - order of draw included. Here's a quick reference to the correct order of draw, lab tests indicated for each test tube, as well as all fishbone lab diagrams (doctors love to use these in their notes).

Not included in the Nursing Reference Card Bundle

Key Features:

  • Includes information you actually need to know
  • Sturdy, high-quality badge card
  • Small badge size filled with ample amount of information
  • Completely wipeable surface
  • Beneficial for nursing students and nurses 
  • Aesthetic design making the information easy and enjoyable to read

Customer Reviews

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Lourdes Lecorps Pierre
The best.

Great service.

Stephanie Pasillas
Blood work

Very helpful on the job, love having the blood work card on my badge! Great service as well, very satisfied :)

Akane Tanaka

Blood Work

Ana Esquivel

I love having this with me as a student

Labs labs labs

You are literally looking at labs all day. Different hours of the night. And then re-draws. Calling the doctors asking what they want to do about them. I just love having this with me cause as a student, you're learning so much at once. I've seen my nurses go over labs like it's nothing to them, so I'm glad I can have this resource readily available. Thanks Barbara!