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ICU Reference Card Bundle

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For the new grads starting out in the ICU setting - I know there is a ton of information to learn. This Bundle will boost your confidence by providing you with all of the key interventions and skills you'll be performing as an ICU nurse at your fingertips. Included in the Bundle are the following 5 reference cards:

ICU Medications (x2) - Paralytics, sedatives, opiates, and so many more.. not only do you need to know all of the common meds, but you need to know how they affect your patient. These 2 cards have got you covered!

Ventilator Tips - A large majority of your patient's will be vented.. here's a reference card that goes over ppeak alarms, daily vent assessments, and spontaneous breathing trials

Shock Syndromes - S/S and treatment of every single shock syndrome is included on this card! 

CAM & RASS - You'll be performing these assessments daily, so here's a quick reference to them 

Created in collaboration with Maeve T., RN; Maddi W., RN; Dr. Rishi Kumar; Dr. Eddy Guiterrez.

Key Features:

  • Includes information you actually need to know
  • Sturdy, high-quality badge card
  • Small badge size filled with ample amount of information
  • Completely wipeable surface
  • Beneficial for nursing students and nurses 
  • Aesthetic design making the information easy and enjoyable to read

Customer Reviews

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Sydney Silvestri

Loved these! good job barbra, really appreciate the note included in the package!!

Viritha Ponnaganti

ICU Reference Card Bundle

Stacy Justin
Amazing as always

I'm so happy that I was able to add the IcU bundle to my collection. A real must have

Tracy Baric
Best Reference Cards Ever

All the reference cards that I received are spot on and so helpful

Tavia Reid
Great reference!

I just got a job on a surgery floor and these will come in handy! I also currently have one on my badge for my other job! These are so great and can be used for a quick reference anytime!