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Veterinary Medicine Bundle

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After months of requests - a bundle of 4 need-to-know veterinary medicine reference cards are here! Perfect for vet students, vet nurses, and vet techs.

In the bundle, you will find:

Nursing Basics - all of the basic vet info you need to know like lab values, vital signs, and variations in vitals

Blood Transfusions - a common treatment in the vet-med world.. this reference card goes over the various transfusion products, blood compatibility, and transfusion reaction symptoms & treatments

Drug Calculations - your common medication calculations (with examples) and conversions will be included on this card

CPR and H's & T's - this is something every healthcare provider should have! The card goes over common cardiac arrest drug dosages as well as the reversible causes of arrest


This bundle is applicable to both US & Canadian healthcare workers

Created in collaboration with US & Canadian veterinary nurses and veterinary technicians


Key Features:

  • Includes information you actually need to know
  • Sturdy, high-quality badge card
  • Small badge size filled with ample amount of information
  • Completely wipeable surface
  • Beneficial for nursing students and nurses 
  • Aesthetic design making the information easy and enjoyable to read

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Jessica Gonzalez

I really enjoy this ! I really appreciate the time she took to make this!

Tasha Warren

Veterinary Medicine Bundle

5 Stars

Show it to my team and everyone loves it. I will be ordering more soon. Thank you!


Thank you so much for your cheat sheets.. And your extra gift was words of encouragement.. 😍🥰

Aimee Bolduc

Veterinary Medicine Bundle